Life cycle reliability of civil engineering structures and systems


The frontier of this research relates to the time-dependent reliability of civil engineering structures and the resulting systems, taking into account the random distribution of loads and the degradation of properties of materials, components and structures over their useful life. Structural properties undergo random and time-dependent degradation under long-term environmental and mechanical loads.

Based on stochastic process theory, time-dependent structural reliability can be determined by using a probabilistic model of load effects and structural characteristics. The main issues related to the frontier of this research include the evolution of structural performance under environmental action, the quantification of time-dependent reliability indicators, and the reliability of structural systems. The evolution of structural performance directly affects the quantification of reliability indicators, and the introduction of related random variables into the deterministic model of resistance degradation has been widely accepted.

Component-level time-varying reliability metrics can be calculated using methods such as the first channel method, the time-independent reliability index of the equivalent series system, the Monte Carlo simulation method, and the probability density evolution method. In other words, the reliability analysis of the system is still a challenging task. Between 2012 and 2017, 215 core papers related to the research front were published. These papers received a total of 4,440 papers, and each paper published an average of 20.65 papers.

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