How to properly accept HZS concrete mixing plant


After the user purchases the  北京pk10开奖,, it needs to be installed and commissioned when the equipment arrives at the site. However, in practice, more or less will encounter unsatisfactory places. As a manufacturer of concrete mixing plants, the following Lianhua personnel talked about how to properly accept concrete mixing stations?

1, the commercial concrete mixing plant transmission system should be flexible, no abnormal noise.

2, commercial concrete mixing plant equipment in the belt conveyor, bucket elevator and cantilever shovel and other transmissions should be stable, flexible operation, high braking, no abnormal noise, no card chain.

3, measurement system inspection measurement system inspection sensitivity and accuracy is also very important.

4, measuring the bucket into the material to be smooth, no material accumulation and other substances.

5, the commercial concrete mixing station has a safety valve that can not leak; the quality of the cement tank is qualified; the installation of the supporting line should be reasonable, the equipment should be installed correctly.

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