Concrete mixing plant equipment to identify good and bad methods


Concrete mixing plant equipment how to distinguish between good and bad? Mainly divided into the following points:

1. If the concrete mixer is a self-dropping mixer, the radial runout of its discharge ring does not exceed 1% of the diameter of the feed port, and the quality of the rebar of the vibrating screen mesh on the mixer and the screen and the screen are also checked. The hole is reasonably regulated and the screen is equipment accuracy is viewed;

2. The work of the transmission system should be active and whether there is an abnormal noise;

3. Drives such as belt conveyors, bucket elevators and cantilever dragging shovels should be stable, work should be active, braking can be high, there is no abnormal noise, and there is no card chain;

4. The inspection of the metering system is also very important. It is necessary to check the flexibility and accuracy of the metering system.

5. To reduce the temperature of the machine to increase, we must also pay attention to the temperature on the qualified book;

6. The metering bucket shall enter and discharge material smoothly, and there shall be no appearance of material accumulation or flashing;

7. The safety valve cannot show leakage;

8. Check whether the quality of the cement tank is qualified;

9. The supporting line equipment must be reasonable and the equipment must be accurate.

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