Witcht type of mixing machine is suitable for small concrete mixing plant


The small-scale concrete mixing plant we often refer to is the two mixing stations of type hzs25 or hzs35. The small-scale mixing stations are mostly used for small-scale construction sites. The investment is low and the mixing effect is good. Therefore, it is also a concrete mixing equipment with a large crowd. . Then, what type of mixing machine is generally used for small mixing stations like hzs25\35? Lianhua Machinery will introduce them as follows:

Both hzs35 and hzs25 mixing stations use compulsory concrete mixers. The forced mixer uses two symmetric screw shafts to rotate synchronously. It transports dry ash and other powdered materials while mixing with water to evenly wet the dry powder. The material is in such a way that the humidified material does not run dry ash and does not seep water droplets, thereby facilitating the transport of wet ash loading or transfer to other conveying equipment.

HZS25 concrete mixing plant, its maximum productivity can reach 25 cubic meters per hour, the theoretical productivity of the forced concrete mixer JS500 is greater than or equal to 25 cubic meters per hour, so most of the 25 mixing station host is js500. Low cost, high efficiency, fully able to meet the concrete needs of small construction projects. The hosts of the HZS35 concrete mixing plant generally use js750 forced concrete mixers, suitable mixers and batching machines to form a mixing station, and the production efficiency will be higher.

The biaxial mixer is mainly composed of a mixing tube, a stirring shaft, a driving device, a piping, a cover plate, a chain cover and the like, and the specific structural performance characteristics are as follows:

1. The mixing drum is mainly composed of sheet metal and steel. It is welded and formed in the factory, and is assembled with other parts. It is the support of the biaxial mixer. The shell is tightly sealed and there will be no fly ash or ash leakage.

2. The mixing shaft is the main component of the double shaft mixer. Its components mainly include left and right screw shafts, bearing seats, bearing bushes, bearing covers, gears, sprocket wheels, oil cups, blades and other components. The left and right spiral screw shafts require high manufacturing precision, good process performance, and have strict matching requirements with bearing seats, bearing sleeves, and bearing covers. The gear module is 8, the number of teeth is 60, the tooth angle is 20°; the sprocket pitch is 50.8, the number of teeth is 25, and the tooth shape is GB1224-85. The gears and sprockets are protected by a protective cover and can be safely and effectively operated. The oil cup is a press-fit pressurizing oil cup. It is convenient and effective to add lubricant. The material of the double-shaft mixer blade is a composite ceramic that is resistant to wear and not sticky. The design of the blade structure is reasonable and simple, easy to replace after wear and long service life.

3, cover mainly includes left cover, middle cover, right cover, hole cover and manhole cover. There are six manholes on both sides of the biaxial mixer to facilitate the operator is usual maintenance and repair.

4. The water-adjusting and humidifying pipe is mainly composed of a nozzle, a joint and a nozzle. The nozzle adopts stainless steel atomizing cone nozzle, which is arranged above the inside of the mixer shell and is axially arranged along the direction of the screw axis to form a curtain to facilitate the humidification of the material. The nozzle structure is simple, easy to replace, stainless steel, anti-corrosion and durable. The moisture content of the wet ash can be adjusted by operating a manual regulating valve on the water supply pipe.

Different types of mixing stations are equipped with different types of mixers and suitable mixers. Many times not only saves the cost of our purchase of mixing plant equipment, but also saves the floor space, improves the production efficiency of the equipment, and extends the service life of the equipment.

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