Correct application and management method of concrete mixing plant equipment


The quality of commodity concrete mixing plant equipment management determines whether it is safe, high-quality, efficient, and economical to provide commodity concrete. Therefore, the factory should focus on the application and management of equipment. Its specific contents are:

1. Correct use, ensure safe production and increase productivity
In terms of its value, the equipment is mainly in the use phase, which is the main link that determines the length of life cycle of the equipment. Any machinery and equipment has a certain range of use and specific conditions of use, only to meet its scope and conditions of use, in order to make the equipment have a longer life. The production, transportation and construction of commodity concrete all have certain requirements and regulations for the use of commercial concrete equipment, especially pumping concrete. If the pumping technology is not properly grasped and the pumping conditions and scope of use are not understood, it will inevitably lead to pumping failure. . In addition, the measurement requirements of the mixing building (station), the delivery time of the mixer truck, etc., require the correct use of commercial concrete equipment in order to ensure safe production and achieve economic benefits.

2. Do a good job of maintaining and improving the mechanical integrity
During the use of the equipment, due to the material movement of the equipment, it will inevitably lead to constant changes in technical conditions. The poor working conditions of commodity concrete equipment are unavoidably caused by abnormal phenomena such as looseness, wear and leakage. If the hidden dangers of these equipments are not dealt with in time, they cannot work normally. For example, when the concrete pump seal wears, the pumping pressure will drop rapidly, and pumping will not be possible within a certain distance; on the other hand, it will lead to serious accidents. The failure to adjust and repair the brake components of the “three-car” brakes may cause safety accidents. Do a good job of maintenance and repair of equipment, such as inspection, cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, replacement, repairs, etc., deal with the problems in time, improve the technical condition of the equipment at any time, take preventive measures, improve the mechanical integrity, and thus ensure the mechanical Normal play, normal production.

3. Strengthen the management of accessories to ensure the use of needs
Commodity concrete mixing plant equipment working conditions evil concrete mixing plant, mixing station, commercial concrete mixing plant is inferior, many wearing parts are imported parts, if the parts management can not keep up, it will lead to stop production stop production. In order to strengthen the management of accessories, special parts warehouses need to be established, with special personnel responsible for management and reasonable spare parts. The accessories management personnel should conduct in-depth investigations, use probabilistic methods to count the parts that are vulnerable to wear and damage, and require the technicians to provide this information in order to achieve a reasonable reserve.

4. Renovation to meet production development needs

Renovation and transformation is the elimination of machinery with old models, low production efficiency, and high energy consumption, and replaces them with mechanical equipment with advanced structure, complete technology, high efficiency, good performance, and low energy consumption. In the management of commercial concrete equipment, the upgrading and reconstruction of equipment often pays insufficient attention. The performance in equipment depreciation period is too long, the depreciation rate is low, resulting in the lack of renewable funds for the company and carrying a heavy burden of fixed assets: To accelerate the technological transformation of enterprises and equipment upgrades, improve the enthusiasm and economic benefits of the commodity concrete production industry, it is recommended The government authorities refer to the depreciation period of similar foreign models, shortening the 12-year depreciation period of construction machinery to 8 years (mixed trucks), 6 years (concrete pumps) and 5 years (pump trucks). The service life can also be determined by the amount of concrete produced.

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