CH-100/CH-125 Concrete Reclaimer
The CH Series Concrete Reclaimer is the most classic and populare model which is composed of one sand screw and one screen drum. It allows the sand and stones to be separated from two different outlets simultaneously .

CH-100 was developed by Sentai since 1996 and CH Series had been one of the most successful models till now. It won lots praise depending on its impressive separation effect and reliable performance.

Each model of CH Concrete Reclaimer has 2 directions and the hopper that is designed for flexiblility. They are able to clean 1-3 trucks at the same time and it allows for manual and automatic washing depending on the condition.


Fast Return on Investment
Small space & Flexible Design
Recovers clean sand & stones
Simple Operation & Maintenance
High loading design, long service life.
Reduces Fresh Water Usage
Reduces Environment Cost
PLC Automation

Technical data

Model CH series
CH100 CH125
Dia. Rotary Screen (mm) 1000 1250
Dia. Sand Screw(mm) 480 480
Discharge Capacity(m3/h) 15 22
Sand Size(mm) φ1-φ5 φ1-φ5
Stone Size(mm) φ5 φ5
Rotary Screen Gear Motor(kw) 4 5.5
Sand Screw Gear Motor(kw) 4 4
Total Power(kw) 8 9.5
Overall Size(LxWxH)m 6.22x2.05x2.44 7.18x2.06x2.65
Total Weight(t) 3.4 4.7
No. of Mixer Trucks 10-30trucks 30trucks
Washout Stinger 1-2trucks 1-3trucks
Electric Control Panel PLC Auto Control  PLC Auto Control 


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